About Us

Well we love dogs!  We breed on a small scale from our family home and our dogs are very much part of the family.  Our dogs all live in the house with us and the puppies are brought up in a home environment.  They are well handled and familiar with household noises and smells.  This means that when they leave our home, to go to your home, they are already paper trained and will easily and quickly adapt to their new surroundings.

We supply a “Piece of Mum”, either a blanket/towel you leave with us for Mum to sleep on or something from us that will smell of her.

We have Accredited Breeder status with the Kennel Club and ensure that we comply with all the procedures and checks laid down by the KC.

All puppies are wormed before they leave us and will have been checked over by our Vet.  You will receive a Labrador/Labradoodle book and a full puppy pack of information on payment of your deposit regarding vaccinations, feeding, exercise, toilet training, etc.

Our Labrador puppies all come with a Kennel Club Five generation pedigree certificate and six weeks free insurance.  Our Labradoodle puppies, which are classed as half breed puppies but they will still come with a Five Generation Pedigree Certificate and 4 weeks free insurance cover through Pet Plan Insurance.

Re-Housing Your Puppy

Part of being an Accredited Breeder, means that we have a responsibility to our puppies for life.

If you are unable to keep your chosen puppy, for whatever reason, we will take the puppy back and care for him for a period of up to 7 days.  After this period we will re-home the puppy.  No payment or refund will be made.

Healthy Adult dogs purchased from us, can be returned to us at your own costs.  We will care for your dog until we can find them a new home.  We do not refund any payments for any dogs returned.